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Longo’s In-Store Specials

Don’t miss the sale at Longo’s stores on our tasty Buckwheat Snacks for $3.99 until April 3, 2014. Continue reading

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Canada’s Wheat-heart; Shasha Navazesh

Shasha Navazesh, owner of ShaSha organic bakery, is more alchemist savant than baker. When it comes to baking, Navazesh claims that bread is life and he has a very definite idea of what life should be like; “How we spend our day is, of course, how we spend our life,” he says as he stalks with purpose through is immaculate plant. Best known for his sourdough breads and cookies ShaSha has become one of Canada’s leading artisanal bakeries. Continue reading

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The health benefits of organic coffee

It’s a well-known fact that organically grown foods do not contain pesticide residues and provide a healthier product for the consumer. There are other amazing health benefits to the consumption of organically grown coffee. Brew up a cup and read on for all the healthy details! Continue reading

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The ‘Dirty Dozen’ and other perilous fresh produce to avoid

Insecticides and artificial fertilizers are ubiquitous and the high volume of toxic substances in our food and water is beginning to have a devastating effect on our health. One of the highest concentrations of pesticide residue is found in the fresh fruit and vegetables we consume every day. Read on for which foods made the naughty and nice lists for pesticide residue! Continue reading

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5 ways to eat your way to a healthy heart

Heart disease and stroke cause a death every 7 minutes in Canada. These body bullies are also two of the three leading causes of death in the country. Heart disease is avoidable. Regular exercise and a healthy diet are the ‘apple a day’ that will keep heart disease at bay. Adding a couple of foods to your diet can really make a difference and keep your ticker tocking. Continue reading

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