Centennial College Educational Tour

On March 1st, 2022, Students of Centennial College were invited by Shasha Co. to participate in a company tour. These students studied areas of Food Science Technologies, pharmaceutical sciences, and similar areas of study. An excellent opportunity for the students to learn and gain some perspective on how Shasha Bread Co was created and has come to provide nutritious, organic, and natural products for the last 22 years as Canada’s leading Artisan Bakery. Students were able to visit different working elements of the facility and learn about the innovative techniques that Shasha has developed to provide essential technical processing and ingredients for healthy, well-balanced food production.

Shasha demonstrated some of his company’s day-to-day processes and interworking, touching base on such topics as procurement & raw ingredients, baking & mixing, packaging & quality assurance, and many other elements that come together to make these healthy and nutritious products. Students were able to see hands-on how Shasha Co. uses creative alchemy and revolutionary technologies and the detailed quality assurance policies that continue to bring these healthy, tasty, clean-label products to market.

As these students graduate from their educational setting and dive into the world of career building and job attainment, they can see how many elements of dedicated-working employees can come together as a team and create something to be proud of. We were pleased to have Centennial College students who could visit our Shasha Co family. We hope to see them thrive as they learn more about healthy food nutrition and technologies in their bright futures ahead.

July 21st is Annual JunJun Day & ShaSha Co. Cultural Diversity & Respect Day!

In honour of our first teacher, Shasha’s mother, Mrs. Azarmdokht Hezareh Navazesh*
Inaugurated by: CEO Shasha Navazesh July 2021

On June 11th, 2021 ShaSha Bakery lost a near and dear part of our Team; our first teacher, first inspiration, and first baker Mrs. Azarmdokht Hezareh Navazesh. As the mother of our founder and CEO, Shasha Navazesh, she was the driving force behind the establishment of our Bakery.  She inspired in him with her love for baking, her love of all crafts, and most importantly, her love for life, vitality, and respect. To honour and celebrate her life, vision, and all the goodness she brought to our world, we are establishing a Company Day to celebrate Culture, Life, Love, and Motherhood. In addition to our Company Celebration, we will also be making an annual donation of goodies to a local charity nominated by our company staff.

From this year forward, every July 21st shall be celebrated as the ShaSha Co. Cultural Diversity & Respect day.

Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative Agriculture

It is no longer enough to strive for sustainability in farming—if we are to preserve our natural environment for our children, we need to shift to regenerative practices. Agriculture responding to the consumer demand for healthy, sustainable products and is slowly waking up to the immense benefits of regenerative farming methods.
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Bread is Magic*

Did you know that our ShaSha Sourdough is more digestible and nutritious than standard loaves? Here is why..

We bake our bread using our sourdough starter (Mother, Levain, Polish) which is a combination of air born Fungus and Bacteria (Lactobacillus). These compounds work in synergy to produce carbon dioxide as a leavening agent to rise the bread and make acidic acid, lactic acid. This lactic acid has the ability to make the vitamins and minerals in the flour more available to the body by helping neutralize the phytates in flour that would normally interfere with their absorption. The lactic acid is what also assists in creating the complex flavour and notable sour aroma of our sourdough bread.

Every living thing on this blue planet of ours has at least has two things in common; they live off of eating others and second, their need to survive- to be able to multiply and secure it’s existence. However, in the case of sourdough starter, wild bacteria selflessly breaks down the carbohydrate to small bite sizes so the fungus (bacteria) can eat and produce carbon dioxide (among other beneficial substance) without serving the surviving and populating rule. Subsequently, this is what we consider ‘Bread Making Magic‘. We do not know why this only happens in the sourdough starter, and can truly only assume that it is a gift to humankind..

Now you know!

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Written by Shasha ‘The Baker Man’
March 2021
Toronto, ON, Canada

20 Years of Going with the Grain

Shasha Navazesh is ahead of his time. Shasha started making organic, non-GMO sprouted grain bread and cookies in 1999. Back then, most people were unaware of the inherent health benefits of these products. Drawing on his upbringing in Azerbaijan and his extensive knowledge of nutrition, Shasha followed his heart, creating bespoke products made from real, healthy ingredients with no compromise. Continue reading