Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative Agriculture

It is no longer enough to strive for sustainability in farming—if we are to preserve our natural environment for our children, we need to shift to regenerative practices. Agriculture responding to the consumer demand for healthy, sustainable products and is slowly waking up to the immense benefits of regenerative farming methods.
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Bread is Magic*

Did you know that our ShaSha Sourdough is more digestible and nutritious than standard loaves? Here is why..

We bake our bread using our sourdough starter (Mother, Levain, Polish) which is a combination of air born Fungus and Bacteria (Lactobacillus). These compounds work in synergy to produce carbon dioxide as a leavening agent to rise the bread and make acidic acid, lactic acid. This lactic acid has the ability to make the vitamins and minerals in the flour more available to the body by helping neutralize the phytates in flour that would normally interfere with their absorption. The lactic acid is what also assists in creating the complex flavour and notable sour aroma of our sourdough bread.

Every living thing on this blue planet of ours has at least has two things in common; they live off of eating others and second, their need to survive- to be able to multiply and secure it’s existence. However, in the case of sourdough starter, wild bacteria selflessly breaks down the carbohydrate to small bite sizes so the fungus (bacteria) can eat and produce carbon dioxide (among other beneficial substance) without serving the surviving and populating rule. Subsequently, this is what we consider ‘Bread Making Magic‘. We do not know why this only happens in the sourdough starter, and can truly only assume that it is a gift to humankind..

Now you know!

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Written by Shasha ‘The Baker Man’
March 2021
Toronto, ON, Canada

20 Years of Going with the Grain

Shasha Navazesh is ahead of his time. Shasha started making organic, non-GMO sprouted grain bread and cookies in 1999. Back then, most people were unaware of the inherent health benefits of these products. Drawing on his upbringing in Azerbaijan and his extensive knowledge of nutrition, Shasha followed his heart, creating bespoke products made from real, healthy ingredients with no compromise. Continue reading

Added Benefits of Sprouting & Germinating

About Sprouting and Germinating

There are many foods that can be sprouted including vegetables seeds, grains, beans and legumes.  Sprouting essentially boosts the nutrition that is available to us from the seed. Each seed, by nature is coated in phytic acid (and prohibitor enzymes) a natural substance that prevents the carbohydrates in the seed from being broken down in our digestive tract. This phytic acid is nature’s way of protecting the seed from being eaten by animals, birds and insects before it contacts the soil and grows. When we take a seed and sprout them, we essentially break down the phytic acid barrier (and the prohibitor enzymes) so that our digestive systems can absorb and digest all the carbohydrates and all the abundant nutritional elements provided by each seed.
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Sprouting For Optimal Health

Sprouting grains, beans and legumes is a time-honoured tradition passed down from our wise ancestors thousands of years ago. Many to this day continue to sprout in their own kitchens and among their families to reap the incredible health benefits of these beans, grains and legumes all year long. In this blog, we’ll be taking a closer look at what sprouting is and why it’s vital to our health. Let’s look at this in more detail!
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