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Why Fat is the New Black

Fat has gotten a bad rap. We all want to get rid of every single last ounce of it and work hard dieting and exercising to fight that flab. But not all kinds of fat are created equally. Brown fat is actually really good for us and helps to burn white fat cells and keeps us warm. White fat stores calories for use when we are low on energy and it releases hormones into our bloodstream that regulate metabolism. It’s the visceral and subcutaneous fat that deserves the negative image; causing disease and dementia and reducing your life expectancy. Continue reading

Healthy Lifestyle and Still Can’t Lose Weight? Here’s Why

As obesity levels and heart disease began to rise in the ‘70s, food manufacturers convinced us that it was the fat in food that was responsible. They weren’t wrong either and this sparked the tsunami of fat-free or low-fat products we still enjoy today. Trouble is; when you take the fat out of food, you take out the taste too. Bland isn’t exactly appealing, even if it is fat free! To compensate, manufacturers turned to sugar and corn syrup to add the flavor punch that makes products appealing. Continue reading