Customer Testimonial: Ryan’s Race

I am writing you from the high arctic in the middle of my polar adventure. Thank you for all your support. Your love, thoughts, emails, blog comments, etc. have kept me going. I know that you are thinking of me and sending me good wishes. this is what will allow me to finish this incredible journey. This amazing race has had many ups and many many downs, but I am making it though all of them. What I have come to appreciate, is that coming in 1st means less than absolutely nothing. Winning this race is the experience and the memories I will take from it. Winning this race is the difference I will make when I get home. Winning this race, is NOT coming in 1st.

I have had amazing training and amazing food from (Navitas Naturals, Sha Sha Bread Co, Amazing Grass, Goconut, Sun Warrior) and I will succeed.

Thank you for your help and support. I can’t wait to share more with you when I get home.

Love Ryan.

Note: Ryan at 7:20 am Thursday, April 28th and his team finally reached their goal, the Magnetic North Pole. High on adrenaline and pure excitement they enjoyed and cherished the moment. They have been camping out there ever since, awaiting the arrival of their “pick-up” plane, which was a tricky endeavor with the uncontrollable weather conditions. We had prepared some special long lasting nutrient enriched bread for his journey. We encourage you to follow Ryan on his experience and his goal for GoodLife Kids Foundation!

Ryan’s Race

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