Future Food is FREE!!!

This summer we plan on communicating quite a bit about Bio-Buds™. New recipes and consumer challenges are being planned to test and experience the enhancing life benefits of our all-new product line.

Our bio-buds has a sweeter complex flavour, therefore can be served on its own with minimum need for herbs and spices…it’s about eating less but gaining more energy… we are truly excited to coin this product line as “Future Food”.

Already in local specialty stores during the Spring, a wide roll-out of the product-line will be coming to major chain groceries as well by end of summer…. we want to ensure you’re well informed about what it’s all about as the properties of this product can exceed the potential of your eating habits.

Starting today, June 4 to Aug 31, any combination order ONLINE greater than $59.00 awards you 2 Bio-Bud™ packs, FREE to try. Plus, receive a sample 30 g pack of each SNAP flavour for something sweet to snack on.