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Why ShaSha Co. Bakes Only 2,000 Loaves a Day

Why ShaSha Co. Bakes Only 2,000 Loaves a Day

Though modern society is brimming with easy access to fast food, suspiciously-labelled grocery items and conflicting nutritional research, consumers are beginning to speak more openly about their desire for higher quality foods to feed their families, and are becoming more willing to pursue and purchase foods made using traditionally prepared methods and ingredients that are wholesome, nourishing, and good for the environment.
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Organic, Slow & Careful Baking

Before the 1950’s, most bread bakeries ran two shifts of workers. The first shift prepared the dough, leaving it to ferment overnight.  The second shift completed the baking.  This type of baking is referred to as the Sourdough Baking Method – a long and slow process using a culture which contains lactobacillus bacteria (symbiotic work of Bactrim & Fungous). Continue reading

Down with Chicken Nuggets! Get your Kids to Eat Healthy

Say no to the tyranny of fish fingers, to the monopoly of happy meals and the lure of French fries. If you are stuck with a fussy eater and don’t want to be the kind of parent that makes their kids sit at the table until they clean their plate, then there are ways to make healthy food a desirable menu item. Continue reading