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Have a Healthy, Hearty Halloween!

Having the opportunity to dress up like a superhero or celebrity and munch on sweet treats makes Halloween a favourite holiday for many children and families. It’s no surprise that Halloween can quickly become a very unhealthy holiday filled with excess, however there are many little decisions we can make to ensure this Halloween stays healthy and hearty for you and your family.  Take a look at some of our tips below…

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The Power of Protein

The human body is made up of proteins – everything from the cells in your body, muscle, bones, skin and hair all contain protein. In many ways protein can be classified as the ‘building blocks of life’.

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Foods that Fight the Common Cold

With any seasonal changes come the inevitable coughing, sneezing and colds. However, before it gets to this point, there are certain foods we can eat to minimize these cold effects. Take a look at our list of Foods that Fight the Common Cold and stop your cold before it’s even started. Continue reading

5 Steps to Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

If you are inclined to gobble gobble over the holiday season, fear not! There are ways to navigate the holiday festivities without packing on the pounds. It’s tough to get through office parties and family get-togethers where delicious snacks and drinks abound, but it can be done with a little planning and determination.

1. Secret Seven

Make sure you have seven servings of fruit and veggies a day. When choosing party snacks, make a beeline for the veggie crudités or the festive nut selection first. Filling up on these at the start will make it easier to restrict snacking for the rest of the evening.
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Gluten Free Living

Traditionally, a gluten-free diet was reserved for sufferers of celiac disease; a genetic autoimmune disorder in which abnormal antibodies are triggered by the presence of gluten. These antibodies attack and damage the walls of the small intestine. Celiac disease can be diagnosed through testing, although about 80-90% of cases go undiagnosed. Now evidence exists for a new kind of intolerance for gluten called gluten insensitivity.
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