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Centennial College Educational Tour

On March 1st, 2022, Students of Centennial College were invited by Shasha Co. to participate in a company tour. These students studied areas of Food Science Technologies, pharmaceutical sciences, and similar areas of study. An excellent opportunity for the students to learn and gain some perspective on how Shasha Bread Co was created and has come to provide nutritious, organic, and natural products for the last 22 years as Canada’s leading Artisan Bakery. Students were able to visit different working elements of the facility and learn about the innovative techniques that Shasha has developed to provide essential technical processing and ingredients for healthy, well-balanced food production.

Shasha demonstrated some of his company’s day-to-day processes and interworking, touching base on such topics as procurement & raw ingredients, baking & mixing, packaging & quality assurance, and many other elements that come together to make these healthy and nutritious products. Students were able to see hands-on how Shasha Co. uses creative alchemy and revolutionary technologies and the detailed quality assurance policies that continue to bring these healthy, tasty, clean-label products to market.

As these students graduate from their educational setting and dive into the world of career building and job attainment, they can see how many elements of dedicated-working employees can come together as a team and create something to be proud of. We were pleased to have Centennial College students who could visit our Shasha Co family. We hope to see them thrive as they learn more about healthy food nutrition and technologies in their bright futures ahead.

Commitment to Education: GBC

Wednesday, May 19, was a proud moment for myself. I attended a Yes Chef! gala unveiling of the George Brown College Foundation sponsorship wall. My history with the school of culinary arts began as a student and today I’m able to give back not only with sponsorship but also as educator. It is for me a functional growth cycle. I continue to learn through being on the pulse of education and knowing the latest developments and techniques that the next generation will be baking.

The Yes Chef! campaign has been successful but like any program it needs continued support and I invite you to join me in that support with the ShaSha Bread Award.