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Organic, Slow & Careful Baking

Before the 1950’s, most bread bakeries ran two shifts of workers. The first shift prepared the dough, leaving it to ferment overnight.  The second shift completed the baking.  This type of baking is referred to as the Sourdough Baking Method – a long and slow process using a culture which contains lactobacillus bacteria (symbiotic work of Bactrim & Fungous). Continue reading

7 Things Food Manufacturers Don’t Want You to Know

When Hank Cardello, director of the Obesity Solutions Initiative at the Hudson Institute, conducted a five year study, he was actually quite surprised to find that consumers are demanding healthier foods. In fact, about 99% of growth in the food industry was happening in the low-calorie foods and in foods with natural, organic ingredients. That’s great right? Well, it can be, but not all food manufacturers act in an ethical way that keeps customers, not profits, at the top of their priority list. Continue reading

Mood Swings? You Don’t Need a Snickers

When you are having a mood swing, eating a chocolate bar is not the best solution. Sure, it will elevate your blood sugar in the short term, but refined sugars are only setting you up for a crash later on. There are ways to stabilize your blood sugar to avoid mood swings that are healthier and more effective. Fueling your body with healthy food not only reduces mood swings, it also helps you to perform at your peak mentally so you can knock it out of the park. Continue reading

From Farm to Fork: How to Pick Healthy Food Producers

It’s really hard to find a company you can trust. You’ve been let down so many times by companies that appear to have your best interests in mind, but are only concerned about their bottom line. It’s understandable that you are disillusioned, but there are companies that really do care about your well-being and strive to create food products that are healthy and good for your family; you just have to do a little work to sift the good from the bad. Continue reading