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Cluster-ful Overnight Oats

Our mornings are always “go, go, go,” so we thought we’d share an easy, delicious and nutritious breakfast recipe for you that’s ready and waiting as soon as you start your day. This takes absolutely no time to prepare, but if you’re really pressed for time you can combine all the layered ingredients the night before rather than in the morning. This rich, dessert-like breakfast is full of fibre, protein and natural sweetness to satisfy even the most skeptical of taste buds. And the oats will give you the energy to power through your morning while keeping your tummy satiated. Convenience never tasted soo good!

What are the Benefits of Cocoa?

Those Mayans knew a thing or two, well ok, maybe they couldn’t accurately predict the end of the world, but they did provide some pretty wonderful additions to our modern life. They invented zero, a more accurate calendar and brain surgery. But to my mind, one of their greatest contributions to our health and happiness is cocoa. Continue reading

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5 Ancient Grains to Add to Your Diet Today

The wealth of ancient grains flooding the market can be really confusing; how do you cook them? Are they better or healthier than the grains I am more accustomed to? Ancient grains or heritage grains have been around for thousands of years. They can be more nutritious than corn or wheat, but only if they are organic whole grains or sprouted grains. Here are five ancient grains you can include in your diet today.

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Spelt is a popular ancient grain with a delicious nutty flavor that is easy to digest. Spelt is a wonderful source of fiber, folate, magnesium and selenium and has much lower levels of gluten. Continue reading

Know Your Ancient Grains: Spelt

Know your Ancient Grains: Spelt

Health Canada suggests that at least half the grains we consume each day should be whole. Unfortunately, thanks to the prevalence of processed foods, most of us consume processed grains and that results in poor nutrition, gluten intolerance and an intake of less fiber than our bodies need to function optimally. Give your body a boost by adding ancient grains like spelt to your daily diet.

Spelt is a whole grain that adds a nutty flavor and packs a wholesome punch. Although a distant cousin of wheat, spelt contains more fiber and Vitamin B17 than its more common counterpart. Rich in flavor and mineral content, spelt is a tasty grain that’s here to stay. Continue reading