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Organic, Slow & Careful Baking

Before the 1950’s, most bread bakeries ran two shifts of workers. The first shift prepared the dough, leaving it to ferment overnight.  The second shift completed the baking.  This type of baking is referred to as the Sourdough Baking Method – a long and slow process using a culture which contains lactobacillus bacteria (symbiotic work of Bactrim & Fungous). Continue reading

A Balanced Meal for School Lunch

Ensuring our children eat a healthy, well balanced meal at lunch is vital to their school day, mood and productivity. That said, it’s not as hard as you may think to ensure your children actually enjoy their healthy lunches and receive all the nutrients and nourishment they need to get through the school day. We have provided some tips below on ways to prepare a well-balanced lunch for you children. Continue reading

Fermentation: When Food Gone Bad Is Good for You

Probiotics are absolutely essential to your health and well-being. These little beasties live in your digestive system and help you to properly digest your food. Largely ignored for many centuries, scientists are now discovering that these tiny organism play an essential part in preserving your health. Add probiotics to your daily diet by consuming fermented foods like organic sourdough breads, pickled vegetables, kombucha, yogurt, beer and cheese. Continue reading

5 Signs You Need a Detox

Toxins enter our bodies on a daily basis from pesticides, herbicides, chemical additives in foods, preservatives, cleaning products, and other sources in our environment. Each of these chemical sources comes in small doses that shouldn’t harm us on their own, but cumulatively, the effects can be disastrous. Continue reading

Why Fat is the New Black

Fat has gotten a bad rap. We all want to get rid of every single last ounce of it and work hard dieting and exercising to fight that flab. But not all kinds of fat are created equally. Brown fat is actually really good for us and helps to burn white fat cells and keeps us warm. White fat stores calories for use when we are low on energy and it releases hormones into our bloodstream that regulate metabolism. It’s the visceral and subcutaneous fat that deserves the negative image; causing disease and dementia and reducing your life expectancy. Continue reading