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Cluster-ful Overnight Oats

Our mornings are always “go, go, go,” so we thought we’d share an easy, delicious and nutritious breakfast recipe for you that’s ready and waiting as soon as you start your day. This takes absolutely no time to prepare, but if you’re really pressed for time you can combine all the layered ingredients the night before rather than in the morning. This rich, dessert-like breakfast is full of fibre, protein and natural sweetness to satisfy even the most skeptical of taste buds. And the oats will give you the energy to power through your morning while keeping your tummy satiated. Convenience never tasted soo good!
6 Incredible Benefits of Probiotics

6 Incredible Benefits of Probiotics

The Human Microbiome Project conducted a study recently which found that the body is made up of more microbes than human cells. That’s right; your body is seething with bacteria, but before you call the germ police, bacteria come in both good and bad varieties and good bacteria (probiotics) are vital to the healthy functioning of our bodies.

Probiotics aid in the absorption of nutrients from our food and play a crucial role in the manufacturing of hormones. Bacteria are essential for the efficient processing of food and the extraction of vitamins. They produce anti-inflammatories and even control your mood. These diminutive beasties are really essential to keeping you healthy and happy.

Probiotics occur naturally in a wide variety of foods. Unfortunately, our propensity for processed foods and the widespread use of anti-bacterial products has led to a deficiency of probiotics in the modern diet. Always choose organic products which have pre and probiotic content. Healthy snacks like those from Shasha Co. contain pre and probiotics that are resistant to heat so they retain their good bacteria through the baking process.
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