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20 Years of Going with the Grain

Shasha Navazesh is ahead of his time. Shasha started making organic, non-GMO sprouted grain bread and cookies in 1999. Back then, most people were unaware of the inherent health benefits of these products. Drawing on his upbringing in Azerbaijan and his extensive knowledge of nutrition, Shasha followed his heart, creating bespoke products made from real, healthy ingredients with no compromise. Continue reading

6 Ways to Be Brilliant at Breakfast

Do people tend to avoid you until you’ve had your second cup of coffee? Has anyone told you that you may not be a ‘morning person’ while cowering behind the photocopier? If mornings are hard for you, it may just be that you don’t have the fuel to kick-start your engine. All you need to put a little pep in your step is a good breakfast. Here’s how to start the day off right. Continue reading

Probiotics: The Healthy Happy Pill

Bacteria is bad right? We use antibiotics and hand sanitizer to banish bacteria from our lives and live in sanitary environments in the hopes of staving off illness. But we are just beginning to understand the seminal role that healthy bacteria play in our lives. You see, bacteria is responsible for the proper digestion of our food, for improving our immune systems and, new studies show, even our happiness and mental health. Continue reading

Why Good Bread Should Go Bad

What does it take to craft a really exceptional loaf of bread? Time, patience and natural, organic ingredients. You see, real bread is not something you can bake in 45 minutes using commercial yeast and chemical additives and preservatives. Real artisanal bread takes time, organic ingredients and a whole lot of love. And, when bread is made from natural ingredients, it does go off after a week or so. If your bread doesn’t, you should be asking yourself: “If mold won’t eat it, should I?” Continue reading