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Organic Spelt Crusted Mozzarella Balls

Looking for a bite-sized snack? Or something to take your get together or barbecue to the next level? These Organic Spelt Crusted Mozzarella Balls are your answer. Easy to make and using only a few ingredients, this quick app is sure to leave your guests and family drooling for more and eager to learn how they’re made. These Mozzarella Balls and filled with a warm ooey, gooey centre, and covered in our very own Organic Sprouted Spelt Breadcrumbs, made from our Organic Spelt Bread which is traditionally produced with artisan baking methods.
Ezekiel Organic Bread

Ezekiel Bread: The Healthiest Bread You can Buy

You know the saying: “Eat things your grandma would recognize?” Well, we suggest eating foods your great²° grandmother would recognize. Ezekiel bread is named after the biblical figure who is said to have lived off this bread recipe as he wandered the desert for two years. The recipe is given as: “Take wheat and barley, beans and lentils, millet and spelt; put them in a storage jar and use them to make bread for yourself,” and is followed to this day as a wonderful organic bread free of chemical additives and processed sugars.

Not all bread are created equal

ShaSha Ezekiel bread takes this healthy bread recipe at face value; there’s nothing in our ingredients list that you won’t recognize. Go ahead… take a look: Continue reading

5 Ancient Grains to Add to Your Diet Today

The wealth of ancient grains flooding the market can be really confusing; how do you cook them? Are they better or healthier than the grains I am more accustomed to? Ancient grains or heritage grains have been around for thousands of years. They can be more nutritious than corn or wheat, but only if they are organic whole grains or sprouted grains. Here are five ancient grains you can include in your diet today.

How to cook with Shasha Bread products


Spelt is a popular ancient grain with a delicious nutty flavor that is easy to digest. Spelt is a wonderful source of fiber, folate, magnesium and selenium and has much lower levels of gluten. Continue reading

Why Ancient Grains are the Best Thing since Sliced Bread

The modern diet results in a plethora of ailments from gluten sensitivity to depression and everything in between. But making healthy choices can be intimidating and expensive. You don’t need to learn to decipher nutrition labels or take a course in vegan cooking to navigate your way successfully through the supermarket aisles. You need to return to a simpler time when food looked like it did when it was harvested and your grandma would recognize it.

Part of our yearning for healthier meals has seen a resurgence of ancient grains; those healthy whole, organic grains that bring diversity (and fiber!) into our lives and give processed foods and GMOs the boot. These grains aren’t as easy to grown and process as wheat and corn, but they are incredibly easy to include in your diet and the rewards they offer are legion.
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Know Your Ancient Grains: Spelt

Know your Ancient Grains: Spelt

Health Canada suggests that at least half the grains we consume each day should be whole. Unfortunately, thanks to the prevalence of processed foods, most of us consume processed grains and that results in poor nutrition, gluten intolerance and an intake of less fiber than our bodies need to function optimally. Give your body a boost by adding ancient grains like spelt to your daily diet.

Spelt is a whole grain that adds a nutty flavor and packs a wholesome punch. Although a distant cousin of wheat, spelt contains more fiber and Vitamin B17 than its more common counterpart. Rich in flavor and mineral content, spelt is a tasty grain that’s here to stay. Continue reading