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Award Program

Dear Valued Customers and Friends,

On behalf of myself and everyone at ShaSha Bread Co., we would like to thank you for your continued support and generosity to the students at George Brown College, in the Centre for Hospitality and Culinary Arts.

The ShaSha Bread Co. Award recognizes an exceptional student enrolled in the Culinary Arts program. This individual must demonstrate the highest level of skill and most of all passion and appreciation for baking.

Established in 2009, ShaSha Bread Award supports students who:

  • Demonstrated financial need
  • Are residents of Ontario
  • Studying full-time at George Brown College
  • Demonstrate a high level of skill and appreciation of bread baking

More than 70% of students attending George Brown College require some form of financial assistance. Last year, there were 12,000 OSAP applications and over 7,000 students accessing student awards applications at the college. The George Brown College Foundation awarded 1,069 scholarships across the college. Supporting a George Brown student is an investment that creates a positive ripple effect in our community. A student becomes a workplace-ready graduate. An employer fills a critical need. A family moves up the socio-economic ladder. An individual develops confidence, skills and knowledge to last a lifetime. That’s the impact your support can make. Together we can level the playing field. To make a donation to the scholarship endowment fund, please follow the instructions below. Your generosity would greatly assist an outstanding student reach their education and career goals. Thank you once again, thank you for your support.

Most sincerely,
Shasha Navazesh

To make a donation:

  1. Click this link
  2. Continue to fill out the form
  3. Click “Submit”

ShaSha Bread Award Contact Information

Stephanie Rendulic

(George Brown College Foundation)

Development Officer, Annual Giving

416-415-5000 Ext. 2063

Scholarship Report on Shasha Bread Award

Academic Year Detail Code Award Name Last Name First Name
16/17 KAJN ShaSha Bread Award Wright Rebecca
17/18 KAJN ShaSha Bread Award Lassaline Jillian
18/19 KAJN ShaSha Bread Award Berkeley Brianna
19/20 KAJN ShaSha Bread Award Albaiti Zinab
19/20 KAJN ShaSha Bread Award Li Xiaojun
20/21 KAJN ShaSha Bread Award Rahemtulla Roshanee
20/21 KAJN ShaSha Bread Award Roberts Julia
21/22 KAJN ShaSha Bread Award Rahemtulla Roshanee
21/22 KAJN ShaSha Bread Award Doucet Michelle
22/23 KAJN ShaSha Bread Award Pan Travis
22/23 KAJN ShaSha Bread Award Wade Madelynn
23/24 KAJN ShaSha Bread Award Mousume Tanzida
23/24 KAJN ShaSha Bread Award Nathoo Zahra


My name is Jasmine Roberts. I am currently in the Baker/Patisserie program at George Brown College in my second level of study. I completed my first level of study with a GPA of 3.71. My goals are to successfully complete my studies, be on the honor roll and eventually complete my Red Seal. Thanks for providing me with the financial support to help me focus on my studies and achieve my goals!”

2015-2016 Recipient: Jasmine

2014 Recipient: Kristyn Wighton

Kristyn is a very dedicated and hardworking student enrolled at George Brown College for the Baking and Pastry Arts Management Program. Originally attending university, Kristyn realized that baking was her true calling. She loves the art of pastry design and is excited to be taught by the best at George Brown. Her eyes light up when she discusses both her program and the experiences she has had thus far. Kristyn has put her baking abilities to use by selling her creations to raise money to support causes like the Big Bike Hike for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Kristyn relies on student loans to support her while she is in school. The scholarship has alleviated her financial burden greatly. Upon graduation, she hopes to one day become a head Pastry Chef at a hotel, and may be even teaching at George Brown College.

Lauren is a determined student pursuing a diploma in the Baking and Pastry Arts Management Program. Ever since she was a young girl, Lauren has dreamed of becoming a chef, but somehow baking had found her. She always found herself watching the Food Network, intrigued with the creation of all the different desserts. She decided that this is what she wanted to pursue as a career. She is very passionate about making her dream come true. Lauren spends her spare time volunteering at a privately owned Montessori school. She also has the opportunity to work part-time at the Noisette Pastry Shop, where she is able to put her baking skills to the test. Lauren relies on student loans to get her by; therefore this award has greatly helped alleviate her financial struggles. After graduation, she plans to further her education by enrolling in the Culinary Management Program and perhaps even study abroad. Her career goal is to open her own bakery where her treats will satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth!

2012 Recipient: Lauren Adiwinata

2012 Recipient: Jacki Spears

Jacki is an enthusiastic student in her second year of the Baking and Pastry Arts Management Program. Here, Jacki learns the best of both worlds – innovative patisserie training and the management skills she will need in order to run a successful business one day. The ShaSha Bread Award helped alleviate her financial burden and allowed her to continuing her studies at George Brown College.

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