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ShaSha Co. is a Canadian company that supports sustainable business practices, particularly in the areas concerning the environment, community, and local farming.

Carbon Footprint

We continuously improve our energy efficiency and conservation of natural resources, reducing waste and promote a cleaner environment:

  • Our principal ingredients are sourced from local suppliers.
  • We promote eco-friendly practices in-house and with third party suppliers.
  • We consolidate distribution to shorten the supply chain.
  • We use the least amount of packaging necessary and when possible use the best, most environmentally friendly materials available.
  • Our production systems are upgraded with the most energy efficient machinery.
  • We believe in a healthy work environment – we are the only production plant in Ontario to use a UV air filtration system throughout its facilities.
  • We have installed several hundred square feet of solar panels on the roof of our head office to convert sunlight to power.

Social Responsibility

ShaSha Co. has a history of investing in communities throughout the GTA to support a variety of social causes and charitable organizations. We are committed providing assistance in different ways that include monetary donations, gifts in kind, sponsorship, and volunteering. Since 1999 we have supported the following organizations:

Business Sustainability

We are fully supportive of local organic farmers who respect the environment by minimizing soil degradation, optimizing productivity and reducing the carbon footprint of the planet.  All organically grown foods used at ShaSha Co. are free of inorganic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides and are not subject to any genetic engineering processes.  Organic quality refers to growers who use methods and materials that have a low impact to the environment and are committed to maintaining and replenishing the fertility of the soil.

We believe in environmentally responsible organic farming and only use naturally grown ingredients.  We are proud to provide the highest quality foods to you and your family.  Choose organic products to promote responsible farming, sustainable agriculture and a healthy environment.

To learn more about organic product regulations contact the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

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