Bio-Bud Arctic Char Recipe
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Bio-Bud Arctic Char Open Cabbage Roll

Ingredients:Bio-Bud Arctic Char Recipe

Cabbage leafs dipped in Boling water for 1 min- as many as you require
Arctic char fish felt 4 to 5 oz portions as may as you require
Sliced Tomato (one per serving)
Pre blanched Bio-Bud of your choice (1/4 cup for each portion)
Sliced red pepper
Sliced onion
Salt and paprika
Fresh coriander

In a pyrex dish put your blanched cabbage inside put your red pepper ring and place the fish inside the ring top it with sliced onion and Tomato add paprika and salt to test
½ tsp. butter for each portion add your Bio-Bud
bake in 370f pre heated oven for 18 to 20 min
serve with Rice or potato or on its own enjoy

Bio-Bud Arctic CharBio-Bud Arctic CharBio-Bud Arctic CharBio-Bud Arctic CharBio-Bud Arctic Char