Intolerance is non-life threatening reaction to our digestive system like bloating, gas, rash, indigestion, and Etc. The fastest growing allergies & intolerance today are wheat and commercial yeast. People who only have intolerance to wheat can enjoy organic wheat free Spelt or Kamut. Spelt (Triticum spelta) and Kamut grains are different enough from modern genetically engineered wheat that those who have had trouble with wheat can digest these ancient grains better.People with yeast and wheat intolerance or allergies do better substituting commercially produced wheat bread with authentic sourdough bread, made with organic non wheat flours; it helps if the breads and baked products are made without oil, sugar, additives and preservatives with longer fermentation process that contributes to braking down protein to enzymes.

Please note: Spelt and Kamut do contain gluten and should be avoided by Celiacs.

How do you know if you have a wheat allergy?
There are many symptoms ranging from “sniffles” to Anaphylactic shock. Many people find that intolerance to wheat (a less serious reaction than an allergy) can present itself with such symptoms as; – Sluggish digestion, constipation, loss of appetite- Asthma- Headaches- Irritations to skin and hair If you suspect a wheat allergy, check with your doctor first.