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Ginger Square Tub Image

Shasha Co.’s Snap Cookies Now Available in Square Tubs!

Ginger Square Tub ImageYour favourite Snap Cookies got an upgrade – you’ll now find these convenient, easy to pack, delicious Snap Cookies available at your nearest retail location in NEW square tubs!

While the change in the shape of the tub may not seem like a big deal, little changes like these have made our production more efficient, and improved our customer’s overall experience purchasing our Snap Cookies!
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Shasha's New Maple Snaps

Shasha Co.’s Maple Snaps!

It’s that time of year when families travel to their local conservations to learn how Canadians harvest maple syrup using maple trees! In this article, we’ll be exploring this festive Canadian tradition, as well as sharing our inspiration for creating our newest dairy-free, nut-free and peanut-free snack: Shasha Co.’s Maple Snaps! Continue reading