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Shasha Co.’s Maple Snaps!

Shasha's New Maple Snaps

It’s that time of year when families travel to their local conservations to learn how Canadians harvest maple syrup using maple trees! In this article, we’ll be exploring this festive Canadian tradition, as well as sharing our inspiration for creating our newest dairy-free, nut-free and peanut-free snack: Shasha Co.’s Maple Snaps!

It’s almost early spring and temperatures are just above freezing, the perfect time for harvesting local Canadian maple sap from our maple trees. Maple trees make sap by accumulating starch while they grow. In early spring when the trees begin to thaw, the trees’ enzymes transform the starch into sugar, which mixes with water absorbed through the trees’ roots to create sap. This is when the maple trees’ trunks are carefully tapped to channel the sap into a container or drum to be boiled down into syrup. What remains is thick, luscious, amber-coloured maple syrup, naturally sweet and full of essential nutrients like magnesium, calcium and potassium!

To celebrate Canadian tradition and offer our customers and their families a real Canadian treat, we created a flavour of our popular Snap cookies using real Canadian maple syrup! Shasha Co.’s new Maple Snaps are a great representation of how we as a company feel about making products and the values we stand for. We are incredibly proud of our Canadian heritage and the resources this great country has to provide. Shasha Co.’s delicious Maple Snaps are made with real Canadian maple syrup-an iconic national Canadian flavour that reminds us of the country we hold so dear!

We also take great pride in supporting our environment and using the resources around us to reduce our carbon footprint while still creating high quality food products. The ingredients we source to make our Maple Snaps (and other delicious baked goods) utilize local ingredients, including real Canadian maple syrup! By using local resources from our surrounding environment, we create products that uphold our values without disrupting our community’s natural resources.

When we create new products at Shasha Co., we maintain the same high standards and quality of our existing range of baked goods, including all other varieties of our Snap cookies, breads, gluten-free Clusters and more. These Maple Snaps are high in inulin-dietary fibre that makes them rich in healthy prebiotics, promoting a healthy gut flora and intestinal tract. Our rich, delicious Maple Snaps are also made with absolutely NO artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Shasha Co.’s commitment to creating allergen-free snacks is of utmost value. That’s why, like our entire range of Snap cookies, these Maple Snaps are dairy-free, nut-free and peanut-free, making them a safe and delicious snack option for kids at school. We know that kids and the whole family will enjoy these Maple Snaps in honour of Canadian tradition and nationwide maple syrup festivals this time of year!

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