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What IBS Suffers Need to Know About Artisanal Sourdough Breads

When it comes to foods that cause IBS, wheat products are most often cited by sufferers as being a trigger for symptoms. A recent study by Adele Costabile and her team of researchers from the University of Reading investigated the effects that breads with different fermentation times had on the gut and found that for some IBS sufferers, bread may still be on the menu. Continue reading

Why Good Bread Should Go Bad

What does it take to craft a really exceptional loaf of bread? Time, patience and natural, organic ingredients. You see, real bread is not something you can bake in 45 minutes using commercial yeast and chemical additives and preservatives. Real artisanal bread takes time, organic ingredients and a whole lot of love. And, when bread is made from natural ingredients, it does go off after a week or so. If your bread doesn’t, you should be asking yourself: “If mold won’t eat it, should I?” Continue reading

Foods that Combat Cancer

There are a number of natural substances that prevent the spread of cancers. Some reduce tumors while others combat cancer cells to help your body fight back. Cancer is becoming a pervasive part of our society with 50% of the population diagnosed with cancer in their lifetimes. A number of environmental and lifestyle choices are contributing to the increased cancer risk and this means there are choices you can make that help to mitigate your chances of getting this deadly disease.

Continue reading