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BIO-BUDS: Sprouts Made Easy

So what’s so great about sprouts anyway? They’re unbelievably good for you! Did you know that sprouted grains, legumes and pods have three times the nutrients then their unsprouted counterparts? You see, seeds have all this potential energy locked up inside them. In order to access all this goodness, all you need to do is sprout those puppies!

Sprouts are good for you

Research shows that sprouting releases the vitamin content of your grains, pods and legumes which means that they have 24 times more vitamins, four times the amount of niacin and nearly twice the amount of vitamin B6. The fiber content of sprouts is also significantly higher and they have a lot more folate too.

BIO-BUDS Sprouts Made Easy2Another study found that sprouts have 100 times more enzymes. Enzymes are essential as they make chemical reactions in your cells possible. They are also essential to your digestive system and are responsible from extracting the essential fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals from your food. In fact, grains, pods and legumes that have not been sprouted actually contain enzyme inhibitors. These attach themselves to enzymes and prevent them from effectively doing their jobs.

So what the heck is going on?

BIO-BUDS Sprouts Made Easy 3Why is it that sprouts have so much more embodied energy than their unsprouted friends? All the enzymes are locked away in the germ of the grain and protected by the inhibitors. This is so that your little grain doesn’t just sprout anywhere. If the energy was available to the grain, it would be sprouting right there on the supermarket shelf.

The inhibitors keep the grain locked down until there’s a warm, dark, damp place where the grain can sprout and be assured of the very best chance of growing. That’s why soaking the grains, pods and legumes will activate the germination process and release the embodied energy and enzymes to turn your grain into a super-nutritious sprout. This initial burst of energy is utilized by the grain to grow its first roots and leaves so that it can harvest the nutrients of the soil and the energy of the sun.

The good news is that when you mix sprouts with unsprouted grains, the sprouts will neutralize the inhibitors in your unsprouted grains too.

Put sprouts on the menu

biobud-display-allSo if sprouts are so great for our health, how can we incorporate them into our daily diets? You can opt to sprout seeds and grains yourself, but this takes several days and a lot of soaking and care. Or you can rely on Shasha’s BIO-BUD; already sprouted for you!

Bio-Buds are grains, pods and legumes that have been carefully sprouted. When the grains are at their peak enzyme levels and nutritional value, they are dehydrated and packaged with no additives or preservatives. This means you can simply add the BIO-BUD to your recipes – easy peasy!

At ShaSha Bread Co., we’ve been sprouting organic, vegan and non-GMO (non-genetically modified) grains, legumes and pods for sixteen years.

Our BIO-BUD products are crammed with goodness including all the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, and enzymes your body needs. They also help detoxify and cleanse your body which boosts your immune system and slows the aging process.

Gluten intolerant? When grains are sprouted, gluten is broken down so you are less likely to have digestive issues. They are lower on the glycemic index making it more suitable for those suffering from blood sugar issues, irritability, mental fatigue, depression, general muscular fatigue, and gingivitis.

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