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Why We Sprout our Bio-Buds

Why We Sprout our Bio-Buds

For our customers who don’t know already, we offer a variety of beans, grains and legumes that we soak and sprout ourselves—and have been doing so for over two decades—so you don’t have to. You may be wondering… why are we so happy to go through the trouble of soaking and sprouting these grains, beans and legumes? Well if you’re interested in finding out why then keep reading!
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Foods that Fight the Common Cold

With any seasonal changes come the inevitable coughing, sneezing and colds. However, before it gets to this point, there are certain foods we can eat to minimize these cold effects. Take a look at our list of Foods that Fight the Common Cold and stop your cold before it’s even started. Continue reading

Are Preservatives Bad for your Health?

Are Preservatives Bad for your Health?

“Eat food grandma would recognize” is a tenant that I like to keep in mind when doing my weekly shopping. Trouble is, reading food labels is getting both difficult and disquieting when half the ingredients are unrecognizable and the other half are unpronounceable, especially when it comes to preservatives. I mean what is Carnobacterium maltaromaticumCB1 anyway? So we decided to take a closer look at what preservatives are and what impact they have on our health. Continue reading

Essential Fiber Adds Years to your Life

Fiber is a miracle food that has more benefits than you can poke a sharp stick at:

  • Improves digestion
  • Adds bulk to your meals without adding calories
  • Absorbs water to improve intestinal health
  • Feeds healthy probiotic bacteria in your system
  • Helps maintain an optimal pH in your intestines
  • Prevents colorectal cancer
  • Makes you feel full for longer
  • Steadies your blood sugar levels and reduces cholesterol.

As if that’s not enough… it adds years to your life too!
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Mind your P’s… Part 2

Prebiotics and Probiotics explained

prebiotics and probioticsProbiotics are microscopic bacterial organisms that, when consumed in the right quantities, are beneficial to the host (that’s you!) There are many different kinds of bacteria that make up the probiotic family and they can mostly be found in fermented foods such as yogurt and soy yogurt.

There are 20 times more bacteria than there are cells in your body. In fact, up to a pound of your bodyweight can be attributed to these diminutive beasties. Not all bacteria are good, and it’s suggested that you maintain an 85% good to 15% bad bacteria ratio – a level that few of us meet. Continue reading