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A Balanced Meal for School Lunch

Ensuring our children eat a healthy, well balanced meal at lunch is vital to their school day, mood and productivity. That said, it’s not as hard as you may think to ensure your children actually enjoy their healthy lunches and receive all the nutrients and nourishment they need to get through the school day. We have provided some tips below on ways to prepare a well-balanced lunch for you children. Continue reading

Foods that make you smarter

7 Foods that Actually Make you Smarter [Tips]

Better memory and improved cognitive functioning are just some ways in which food can make your smarter. Your brain takes up an impressive 20% of your daily energy consumption and you should fuel it with whole grains, sprouted grains and organic foods. But your diet can do even more; improving the very fabric of your brain is just a plateful away and you can actually eat yourself smarter. Continue reading