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A Balanced Meal for School Lunch

Ensuring our children eat a healthy, well balanced meal at lunch is vital to their school day, mood and productivity. That said, it’s not as hard as you may think to ensure your children actually enjoy their healthy lunches and receive all the nutrients and nourishment they need to get through the school day. We have provided some tips below on ways to prepare a well-balanced lunch for you children.

Whole Grains – Whole grains contain loads of fibre, vitamins and minerals. Many studies have shown that introducing our children to whole gains at an early age, will help them become accustom to making these healthy grains part of their diet for years to come. Make sure you choose whole grain bread when preparing sandwiches. Our Ezekiel Bread is made with whole grains and is perfect for sandwich making or used as a base for toast in the morning and ensures that your child has all the whole grains they need. 


Fruits & Vegetables – Add some colour to your children’s lunch with fruits and vegetables. Sending your children to school with a container of blueberries is a great way to ensure they consume a full serving of fruit and vegetables. Blueberries are nutritious and filled with loads of anti-oxidants. If your children won’t eat them on their own, try enjoying them in our Blueberry & Apple Buckwheat Snacks.Brain Food

Protein – Not all kids are fans of meat, but that’s okay! There are so many ways to incorporate protein into your child’s lunch. Try including a hard boiled egg either on its own or make into a sandwich (served on your whole grain bread of course)!  Hummus is another great way to incorporate protein. Pack a little container alongside some carrots and you instantly have a protein and vegetable serving accounted for.

Snacks – It’s always nice to include a little treat in our children’s lunch bag every once in a while. This too can become challenging as school allergies prohibit certain items from entering the classroom. All of our ShaSha Snap Cookies come in a 30g single serve snack packs and make the perfect addition to your children’s lunch.  The best part – they are nut free, so peanut allergies are no longer a problem. 

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