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Celebrating Over 25 Years of Sensory Delight with Shasha Co. Ginger snaps!

At Shasha Co., our little heart-shaped gingersnaps have been a beloved treat for over a quarter of a century. They delight the taste buds of all ages, including our furry friends—dogs and cats! Each bite offers a unique sensory experience crafted to perfection.

Our gingersnaps are made with all-natural ingredients without additives, preservatives, or chemical food colourings. They are not overprocessed and are made in a facility that follows BRC (British Retail Consortium): a global standard HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and GMP standards. Our facility is nut-free, kosher, and halal, believing that “happy staff make happy food.”

Sensory Characteristics of Shasha Co. Gingersnaps:


  • Ginger & Cinnamon: Ginger and cinnamon are the predominant flavours in our gingersnaps, providing a spicy and aromatic taste profile.
  • Balanced Sweetness: The cookies’ sweetness is perfectly balanced by the mild heat from the ginger and the warm, inviting notes of cinnamon.
  • Mild Sweet Acidity: Ensures that the cookies stimulate sufficient saliva production, mingling all the flavours in the mouth without sticking to gums or teeth.


  • Crisp & Snappy: Our gingersnaps are designed to be crisp and snappy, offering a slight crunch that is enjoyable and characteristic of traditional gingersnaps.


  • Warm & Spicy: Upon baking, our gingersnaps emit a warm, spicy aroma characterized by the sharpness of ginger and the sweet, woody notes of cinnamon.
  • Holiday Nostalgia: The aroma evokes holiday seasons and festive baking, creating a comforting and inviting atmosphere.


  • Heart-Shaped Charm: Our gingersnaps are heart-shaped with a smooth surface, adding to their rustic charm.
  • Golden Brown: The rich golden-brown colour, indicative of the caramelization of sugars during baking, enhances their visual and flavour profile.

This combination of flavour, texture, aroma, and appearance creates a comforting and enticing experience that evokes the coziness of the holiday seasons and festive baking. Whether you’re sharing with family, friends, or pets, Shasha Co. Gingersnaps will surely bring joy and warmth to your home.

Experience the timeless delight of Shasha Co. Gingersnaps – a treat cherished by all for over 25 years!