• Shasha Bread is an artisan organic bakery making Sourdough Breads, Cookies, and Healthy Snacks

    Welcome to ShaSha Co.

    ShaSha Co. is Canada’s leading artisan bakery combining ancient techniques with innovative methods to produce nutritious, organic and natural products – an essential ingredient to a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle.
  • Food that fights cancer

    Foods that Combat Cancer

    There are a number of natural substances that prevent the spread of cancers. Some reduce tumors while others combat cancer cells to help your body fight back. Of course healthy lifestyle choices like exercise and diet can really reduce your cancer risk. Here are some amazing cancer-busting foods that you should add to your diet today. Read More

    Mung-bean Cannellini,Sweet potato

    Bio-Bud Mung Bean, Cannellini beans, Sweet Potato Stew

    A delicious, nutritious Meatless Monday recipe with sprouted grains that your family will love! Read More

  • Bio-Bud Arctic Char Recipe

    Bio-Bud Arctic Char Open Cabbage Roll

    Another Bio-Bud recipe, this time with Arctic Char and Open Cabbage Roll. Make this recipe with any our sprouted legumes and pods. So good. Read More

    Baked Bio-Bud Adzuki, Mushroom and Potato Recipe

    Baked Bio-Bud Adzuki, Mushroom and Potato

    Try our baked Bio-Bud Adzuki beans with Mushrooms and Potatoes. This recipe is easy to make and cook. Read More