• Shasha Bread is an artisan organic bakery making Sourdough Breads, Cookies, and Healthy Snacks

    Welcome to ShaSha Co.

    ShaSha Co. is Canada’s leading artisan bakery combining ancient techniques with innovative methods to produce nutritious, organic and natural products – an essential ingredient to a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle.
  • The Effects of Sugar on Behavior and Mental Health4

    The Effects of Sugar on Behavior and Mental Health

    We’ve all seen it; give the kids some candy and before long they are bouncing off the walls on a ‘sugar high’. Sugar has long been blamed for hyperactivity in kids and there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that has made this a popular belief, but studies into the field have yet to produce a conclusive link between sugar and hyperactivity in children. Read More

    Adzuki Beans

    Meatless Monday Recipe: Bio-Bud Adzuki Beans with Golden Beets

    A healthy meal idea for Meatless Monday made from natural ingredients and Bio Bud sprouted adzuki beans. A great recipe for a quick and delicious meal. Read More

  • Bio Bud mung bean hummus sandwich

    Avocado and Bio-Bud mung bean hummus

    Bio-Bud sprouted mung bean and avocado hummus recipe. Try this nutritious spread on our Ezekiel bread or our Lavash flat bread. Either way, it’s delicious. Read More

    Mung bean and brown rice -Biobud

    Bio-Bud Mung Bean & Brown Rice Avocado Salad

    Try this delicious recipe with our Bio-Bud sprouted mung bean and brown rice salad with avocado and seaweed nori and lemon dressing. Read More