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So why all the chatter about sprouted products? Because they’re unbelievably good for you! Organic sprouted grains, legumes and pods that have three times the nutrients of unsprouted seeds, making them the nutrient powerhouse of the legume family. Click here for great recipes for our sprouted products.

Organic Sprouted Chickpea Salad

by breadAdminApril 20, 2023

Organic Sprouted Chickpea SaladIngredients2 Cups of Cooked ShaSha Sprouted Chickpeas (Cold) (225g)1 of diced roasted sweet Onions (120g / 1...

Sprouted chick peas, sweet potato, kale warm Salad

by breadAdminApril 6, 2023

Sprouted chick peas, sweet potato, kale warm SaladIngredients1 cup previously blanched chick pea1 mid size sweet potato diced 0ri34 kale...

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