Shasha Navazesh, CEO of Shasha Co., Advocates for Healthier Food for Today and Tomorrow

In a world where the very essence of life is intertwined with our choices, Shasha Navazesh, the founder and CEO of Shasha Co., reflects on the profound connection between nourishment, health, and our collective destiny. With each breath, he sees a dance with fate, urging us to consider food’s vital role in our lives.

Navazesh, a seasoned expert in food manufacturing, baking, chef, and food consultant, understands the importance of what we consume. He knows, “There’s nothing to live for without something to die for.” In his journey through the culinary world, he has come to believe that a healthy body, a sound mind, and a celestial spirit are the essential steps toward fulfilling one’s potential in this life.

He argues that food is not just sustenance but the cornerstone upon which our well-being rests. Protecting and safeguarding our air, water, and earth is necessary. We must possess protection and power to secure these essentials for ourselves and future generations.

Navazesh sounds an alarm bell, decrying the surrender of our power for meagre returns from greedy for-profit corporations has reached a crucial stage.

Many of us toil tirelessly in lives that are dictated by cropped external forces.

We are fed false information through media that perpetuates our exploitation.

We mindlessly succumb to poison-laden food and shallow marketing distractions.

We trust individuals who fake faith while undermining our collective future and freedom, and we can see what realigns have done for us: nothing but abuse of the power we bestowed on them.

And new-age fake religious are greedy, self-serving corporations controlling our well-being physically and mentally to the point that we can’t even see what they are up to anymore.

They have made it so convoluted with flakiness, corruption, and exploited governing systems worldwide that it needs our immediate response.

Navazesh words ring true: “Those who control Food control our actions.” Our very identities are shaped by what we eat. It’s a sobering reminder that we must wake up to our collective buying power and be discerning about those who supply our food sources.

In his pursuit of better food, Navazesh was an unsuccessful founder and President of the Artisan Bakers’ Quality Alliance (ABQA), advocating for authentic artisanal bread crafted through careful fermentation for improved health and digestibility.

In the last two decades, he has provided a tremendous amount of information about food on many levels.

He implores us to re-evaluate our priorities. Like our Democracy, liberty and justice need our full attention and involvement. Non-poisoned food and a clean environment require our unwavering attention, and we should use our collective purchasing powers to demand clean, non-poisoned food from our government and private sector.

Our minds remain clouded when our bodies are infiltrated by fake toxins food that is designed for profit.

And when our minds are trapped, our spiritual connection lags, leaving us vulnerable to more manipulation.

So, Navazesh encourages us to protect what is crucial: Food, Air, and Water. We must demand healthy, clean food before our sustenance becomes a commodity further poisoned by greed and profit.

He reminds us that our collective power can reshape food production and distribution; we only need to demand clean, not chemically induced food and not purchase fake poisoned food.

A healthy body, an awakened mind, and a connected spirit hold the key to breaking free from the greedy traps that threaten our well-being and livelihood.

In a world where food is power, Shasha Navazesh, with his decades of experience and dedication to clean food, stands as a beacon of hope for a healthier, more conscious future—one where we understand that “you are what you eat” and what we eat defines our destiny.

Interviewed on Sep 2023 by Mr. Dennis Mathew, Food and Marketing Professor, Toronto