How to Decorate our Gingerbread Cookies

Every year the winter season comes around, and at ShaSha Artisan Bakery, we think the best part about it is the holiday season festivities! And with festivities, come treats!

One of the most iconic and nostalgic winter holiday treats of all time is the Gingerbread Cookie. At ShaSha Artisan Bakery, we love to create and bake healthy cookies and snacks for all of you, and this year we decided to do something special. We bring to you our ShaSha Bakery Gingerbread Cookie. We made it nut-free, and our clean label guarantee means we have added nothing artificial; no artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives. It’s amazing to eat as-is, or to decorate! Have fun with the family! However you choose to enjoy your ShaSha Bakery Gingerbread cookie – we hope you love it just as much as we do!

If you would like to decorate your Gingerbread Cookie for holiday fun – take a look at our decorating ideas. We have put together a short how-to video with a few ideas for you to use this Holiday season!


Eat Pure, Stay True.