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Cluster-ful Overnight Oats

Our mornings are always “go, go, go,” so we thought we’d share an easy, delicious and nutritious breakfast recipe for you that’s ready and waiting as soon as you start your day. This takes absolutely no time to prepare, but if you’re really pressed for time you can combine all the layered ingredients the night before rather than in the morning. This rich, dessert-like breakfast is full of fibre, protein and natural sweetness to satisfy even the most skeptical of taste buds. And the oats will give you the energy to power through your morning while keeping your tummy satiated. Convenience never tasted soo good!
Serves 1-2
1 cup rolled oats, preferably organic
1 cup almond milk (can substitute this for cows milk, coconut milk etc.)
1 cup coconut yogurt (can substitute for flavoured yogurt, goat milk or cow’s milk yogurt, greek etc.)
1/4-1/2 cup ShaSha’s Blueberry Almond Organic Clusters*
1/4 cup frozen blueberries
1/4 cup diced apple
1 TB almond butter
1 TB honey, raw
1 TS chia seeds
4-6 ShaSha’s dark chocolate Cocoa Snaps
1. In a large container or jar, combine oats, milk, yogurt, almond butter, honey and chia seeds. Give it a good shake and store in the refrigerator overnight.
2. In the morning, remove jar from fridge and grab a take away container or mason jar that will be traveling with you.
3. Begin to layer your ingredients starting with the frozen blueberries, then chopped apple and ShaSha’s Blueberry Almond Organic Clusters.*
4. Carefully spoon the overnight oats into the jar until it’s full.
5. Top with some crushed dark chocolate Cocoa Snaps and Blueberry Almond Clusters.
6. Enjoy!
*ShaSha’s Blueberry Almond Organic Clusters now available at your nearest Costco retail location.

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