Shasha Navazesh

Walking into a bakery for me is a romantic, sensory experience. It starts with the nose, wafts into my brain and waves of affection warm my heart. I started my venture in bread-making by “following my nose” you might say. Today, we have new nutritional information that I have sought and refine to accelerate bread enrichment. As an essential component of the daily diet for many, I believe it should be one of the most important nutritional sources of your day.

It is in that goal that I fused science with tradesman artistry. Now 11 years later my bread products have branched out to include wholesome pizza crusts, crunchy lavash and cookie SNAPS, all with nutrition at the forefront to reach you, the consumer.

A perspective of any manufacturer encompasses potential and the growth of their ideas. For me, the beneficial effects that nourishment has on society is my challenge to improve on for our fast-paced, eat-fast society. The message is a clear one: eating is the daily tool we need to function. Give yourself maximum intake to maximize your day. It’s as simple as that.

This past month I’m very proud and excited to have launched in that ideal, a new line of products called Bio-Bud™. Bio-Bud™ lets you Eat Less, and benefit more through Energy Intake ….up to 3-4 times more in fact, and that is something to get excited about!

I will be sharing my personal experiences and what I have gleaned in years of researching the relationship between nutrition and general health. I will share my insight to the ingredients and methods I use, and how it can affect us for the better.

ShaSha’s Journey

The Journey is a transformative process into better health. It starts with diet, but encompasses all physical, mental and spiritual aspects of well-being. As this blog grows I will be personally enrolling volunteers to commit to a 6 week regimen guided through my own products and knowledge, and to write about the process, and post the results here.

This blog will intermix posts of those participants own experiences, my personal recipes, your recipes, and up to the minute news that ShaSha Co. can offer to our customers.

Thank you and I hope to connect with all you in the near future.