Customer Testimonial: Mary Becker

I just returned home from the Princess Margaret Lodge in Toronto. After undergoing Chemo treatment for breast cancer, I stayed at the PM lodge for 4 weeks while receiving my radiation treatments. Along my journey I have been so impressed by the care and concern by all that I have vowed to give back as much as I can after my recovery.
One way is to learn therapeutic touch to offer free of charge to people.

This may sound strange but I also thought of your company. During my chemo, when I had any hints of naseau, I ate your “Original Ginger Snaps”! Along with positive thinking and family support, they did the trick.
While I was at a chemo treatment I met a 21 year young man. His mother was telling me how he got so sick when he received his treatment. It was just the initial insertion of the IV that he got this horrible taste in his mouth that made him sick. He was always so nervous for all of his treatments.
I quickly took out my bag of ginger snaps and offered them to him. Along with the cookies I told him he had to breath in positive and breath out the fear he had.
His mother came over to me after his treatment began. She was in tears. She said “thank you so much, he ate the cookies and had absolutely no problems or bad tastes in his mouth”. It made 3 people happy that day.
1)The young man, 2) Me 3) His mother….The hardest thing for a mother is to see their child go through this whole thing!!
At the Princess Margaret Hospital they bring around little packages of biscuits and small juice cups to offer to those waiting for treatment or family undergoing treatment.
Have you ever thought of packaging your ginger snaps in little travel size packages?? To have these available for patients experiencing nauseau symptoms would be great. A good test market would be the PMHospital!!
I would love to hear back from you.
Thank you so much,
Mary Becker