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How Does ShaSha Co. Give Back & Makes Great Healthy Products?

The Shasha Bread Co. Team

While we can all appreciate delicious food, it’s great to know that the people creating these products value quality, passion and charitable service. These 3 factors remain foundational pillars that form the company we all know today as ShaSha Co.


One of the reasons why CEO Shasha Navazesh started ShaSha Co. was because the commercial bread industry was lacking in providing its consumers with high quality integral products that would provide the nourishment its customers needed while staying true to traditional artisan baking methods. To Shasha it was imperative that his bread be of the utmost quality, made with organic local ingredients that were healthy and that were utilized following the time-honoured tradition of bread-making from centuries ago.

At ShaSha Co. we raise our own sours—sours that date back 2,000 years! These starters contain strong healthy bacterial culture that when mixed with dough breaks down its complex carbohydrates (and gluten) allowing for easier digestion, amplified nourishment and a distinct sourdough flavour that would have been familiar to sourdough bread baked thousands of years ago. From start to finish, a loaf of bread from Shasha’s bakery can take approximately 24 hours or more, a rarity in a market that mass produces lifeless bread in a matter of minutes!

By following these traditional methods and sourcing ingredients that are local, organic, kosher, and allergy-free, as well as baking breads and producing other food products that are free of any chemicals, additives, preservatives, conditioners, sugars, dyes or dairy, ShaSha Co. strongly exemplifies a brand that holds quality as an utmost priority. To learn more about ShaSha Co.’s range of products click here.


At ShaSha Co., ingredients and processes are meticulously followed to ensure a quality product that’s nutritious and that costumers and their families will love. However, there’s one intangible ingredient that Shasha and his staff hold dear to their production processes, and that is passion. Shasha often says that the reason a mother or grandmother’s food always tastes delicious is because of the passion and love put into it, a philosophy that holds strongly for the products made at ShaSha Co. as well. Shasha believes that happy bakers and production staff make the most delicious products, a theory that greatly considers and appreciates every individual involved in producing ShaSha Co. products. Many of ShaSha Co.’s employees have worked at the bakery for 10+ years!

And that passion extends beyond food. Shasha’s passion for eco-friendly sustainability and supporting the environment has led to his entire baking facility and office to be completely solar panel powered. Shasha also sources any needed ingredients from local organic Canadian farmers to reduce the company’s carbon foot print and support the local economy. The bakery itself also runs on the latest and highest efficiency equipment that uses less power while still lending delicious high-quality products.

Charitable Service

While producing integral products remains a vital purpose and passion of the company, since the bakery’s inception in 1999, ShaSha Co. has (and continues) to support and invest in local Canadian charities by means of sponsorships, volunteer work, food, as well as monetary donations.

Every year, ShaSha Co. donates over $100,000 worth of the company’s products to local charities and food banks including the Daily Bread Food Bank, Sunnybrook Hospital, Alzheimer Society of Canada, Healthy Moms Connect, Second Harvest, Toronto Police Services and more! To find more information about ShaSha Co.’s charity involvement click here.

Since 2009, Shasha Navazesh has also presented exceptional students of George Brown College’s Centre for Hospitality and Culinary Arts Program with the ShaSha Bread Co. Award in celebration and acknowledgment of their demonstrated outstanding skill and passion for baking. This annual award also provides these students with financial support, a charitable and generous undertaking that ShaSha Co.’s CEO is passionate about and reinforces as a regular practice. To learn more or to make a donation click here.

Part of ShaSha Co.’s mission is to also educate Canadians and their families on the essential building blocks of health which include quality ingredients that are nourishing and made with integrity in a market saturated with conflicting information.

For these reasons, and many more, return customers of ShaSha Co. easily become loyal followers of the brand and its range of products, taking great pride in knowing that the bread and snacks they feed their families from our bakery will provide nourishment while greatly supporting our environment and local charities we hold dear—missions that many commercial companies simply cannot compare to.