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Why We Sprout our Bio-Buds

Why We Sprout our Bio-Buds

For our customers who don’t know already, we offer a variety of beans, grains and legumes that we soak and sprout ourselves—and have been doing so for over two decades—so you don’t have to. You may be wondering… why are we so happy to go through the trouble of soaking and sprouting these grains, beans and legumes? Well if you’re interested in finding out why then keep reading!

The dry grains, legumes and beans that we see in store are actual seeds used to grow a plant. These seeds protect themselves from bacteria, fungi and animals with anti-nutrients so they can germinate and grow into healthy fruitful plants. The anti-nutrients are a protective outer coating containing phytic acid, enzyme inhibitors and lectin that prevent the break down of carbohydrates making it essentially indigestible. These grains, legumes and beans also contain a long list of minerals that are vital to our diets, however because they also contain anti-nutrients, our digestive systems can not properly break them down in order to absorb these nutrients.

Ancient cultures in Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America knew this and soaked the grains, legumes and beans in order to break down the anti-nutrients and enzyme inhibitors. After soaking them overnight, the grains, legumes and beans were then sprouted to activate more nutrients for better absorption. Some cultures then dried them and fermented them for amplified nutritional properties, the same way we soak, sprout and ferment our grains in order to yield healthy and easy to digest loaves of sourdough bread.

After soaking and sprouting, these cultures from thousands of years ago found that the grains, legumes and beans were a lot easier to digest with the added bonus of shortening the cooking time and adding ample flavour. At Shasha Co., we understand the demand our customers’ busy lives have on them and their families. That’s why we soak, sprout and dehydrate our Bio-Buds to break down any anti-nutrients and enzyme inhibitors to yield grains, legumes and beans that are incredibly nutritious and easier to digest. This process also increases the grains, legumes and beans’ bio-availability of protein which decreases mineral deficiencies.

We carry 4 varieties of Bio-Buds including Sprouted Brown Rice, Sprouted Lentils, Sprouted Mung Beans and Sprouted Adzuki Beans—all conveniently soaked, sprouted, dehydrated and packaged for our customers to enjoy with their families and reap the incredible nutritional benefits.

To learn more about our range of Bio-Buds and access various recipes click here.

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