Shasha Co.’s Snap Cookies Now Available in Square Tubs!

Ginger Square Tub ImageYour favourite Snap Cookies got an upgrade – you’ll now find these convenient, easy to pack, delicious Snap Cookies available at your nearest retail location in NEW square tubs!

While the change in the shape of the tub may not seem like a big deal, little changes like these have made our production more efficient, and improved our customer’s overall experience purchasing our Snap Cookies!

If you’re concerned that your favourite Shasha Co. Snap Cookies have changed, don’t fret. The same Snap Cookies that you know and love are being made using the same high-quality ingredients and using the same traditional Shasha Co. recipes. They are still made free of allergens such as dairy and nuts, and are high in fibre as well as prebiotics and probiotics for vital gut health.

Our Snap Cookies’ NEW square tubs are easy to stack for better use of space in your pantry, as well have been produced with labels that include product information on both the top and sides of our tubs for customers to more easily be able to identify product specifics. Our NEW square tub line also has a much better tamper proof seal which locks the freshness in longer!

We are also incredibly proud to announce that Shasha Co.’s Original Ginger Snaps and Organic Spelt Ginger Snaps are now Non-GMO Project Verified in all of our American markets. That means that our Snap Cookies have been meticulously evaluated by an unbiased third party to assure the products are free of GMO’s and contaminants that can interfere with our consumers. In gaining this verification, we also support the increasing number of growers and product developers looking to take part in a vital effort to avoid GMO’s in our food supply.