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Ezekiel Bread: The Healthiest Bread You can Buy

Ezekiel Organic Bread

You know the saying: “Eat things your grandma would recognize?” Well, we suggest eating foods your great²° grandmother would recognize. Ezekiel bread is named after the biblical figure who is said to have lived off this bread recipe as he wandered the desert for two years. The recipe is given as: “Take wheat and barley, beans and lentils, millet and spelt; put them in a storage jar and use them to make bread for yourself,” and is followed to this day as a wonderful organic bread free of chemical additives and processed sugars.

Not all bread are created equal

ShaSha Ezekiel bread takes this healthy bread recipe at face value; there’s nothing in our ingredients list that you won’t recognize. Go ahead… take a look:

Ezekiel Bread VS Leading Consumer Bread Ingredients


Compare that to the ingredients listed on another commercial loaf:


Ezekiel bread is an excellent source of Vitamin B6, zinc, iron and selenium which is a dietary antioxidant. Lactose and dairy free, Ezekiel Bread also has no added fat, oils, sugar or preservatives and no commercial yeast as it follows a natural leavening process with bacterial culture. One of the most amazing things about Ezekiel bread is that it has 8 essential amino acid and that makes it a complete protein!

Not only does Shasha’s Ezekiel bread contain all organic ingredients, it also supersizes your nutritional intake by utilizing sprouted grains.

The organic flours are created by grains that are clean, soaked, sprouted and dried, then milled to produce the most nutritional flour. These amazing sprouted grain flours are actually created at the Shasha factory, so we know that they are organic and that no chemical ingredients have been added.

Shasha Organic Ezekiel Bread

What’s so great about sprouts anyway?

All the nutrients that a grain, legume and pod needs to grow are locked away inside the seed and protected by enzyme inhibitors so that the grains don’t just sprout anywhere. However, when conditions are perfect and the grain is in a warm, dark moist place that would be perfect for germination, the nutrients are unlocked and made available for the grain to sprout its first root and leaves.

We have studied each grain, legume and pod to ascertain at which point all the spouted grain is at its most nutritious. You have to catch it just as it’s released its nutrients and before those are used up by the growth of roots and shoots. It’s at the exact point that we dehydrate it and turn it in to flour for our organic breads.

That means that your sprouted grains have 24 times more vitamins, four times more niacin and nearly twice the amount of vitamin B6 as unsprouted grains. The fiber content of sprouts is also significantly higher and they have a lot more folate too.

Sprouted grains have 100 times more enzymes. Enzymes are essential as they make chemical reactions in your cells possible. They are also essential to your digestive system and are responsible from extracting the essential fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals from your food.

So when you choose bread, make sure you make healthy, organic choices for you and your family that would make your great, great grandma proud!

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